19 November 2012

Etrala at The Frugal Challenge

The Fru-Gal Challenge is an initiative from Eco-Age, founded by Livia Firth (married to the actor Colin Firth) , to promote sustainable and ethical fashion in style. 
This week, Georgie Wells, from the Ethical Fashion Forum, starts her challenge in the monster-print dress from Etrala London... A great honor!!
Read the article here & find the Monster Print Dress here

15 November 2012

A Fashion Designer's Week

This has been a very inspiring and "artistic" week, since I have been thinking about the new collection, and also  made a DIY project that I will show you next week... 
Here I show you some photos that I took with my mobile for Instagram... 

Esta semana ha sido muy inspiradora y "artística", porque he estado pensando y trabajando en la nueva colección y también he hecho un proyecto "DIY" que os enseñaré muy pronto... 
Aquí tenéis algunas fotos que he hecho con mi móvil para Instagram (si aún no lo tenéis, os animo a "engancharos" jeje) 

 This is my favorite Art Store,CASS ART LONDON. 
This one is in Hampstead but there are few more across London. 
I love all the stuff they have for artists and amateurs!! 

9 November 2012

Pin Post: DIY Ideas for Christmas

Hi everyone!
Now that Christmas is getting closer, I have been looking for some "Do It Yourself", original and low cost ideas... Where? On my favorite site to find inspiration... Pinterest!

I hope that after you see these decor, recipes and wrapping ideas, money is not an excuse any more! 

5 November 2012

Borough Market

Last Saturday morning, we went to Borough Market. Its (one of) the most important food markets in London and we had never been there!! (wrong!). 
Borough Market is London's most renowned food market; a source of exceptional British and international produce. 
This market is very close to Tower Bridge.-

Truffles & homemade sauces