14 December 2015

Christmas tree napkins

You may have seen a few videos and tutorials on the internet showing how to fold napkins like a Christmas Tree. However, if you are using printed paper napkins like these (from Tiger) you will need two of them to make each tree, due to their white back that would be shown when folding them. 

Ya habréis visto varios vídeos y tutoriales en internet sobre cómo doblar las servilletas en forma de árbol de navidad. Sin embargo, si utilizáis servilletas de papel estampadas como éstas (de Tiger) necesitaréis 2 servilletas para cada arbolito, ya que son blancas por detrás y se vería al doblarlas. 

First thing first, you will need to totally open up the napkins and place 2 of them wrong side to wrong side, so both right sides will be shown. Afterwards, fold them again as it was one ☟. 

En primer lugar, hay que abrir las servilletas por completo y colocar dos de ellas encarando los reveses, de tal manera que se vea el dibujo por los dos lados. Después, vuelve a doblarlas como estaba una . 

Fold up each single corner as shown on the picture ☝︎. 

Dobla todas las esquinas hacia arriba como se muestra en la imagen ☝︎. 

Turn it upside down, and fold back each side like a cone, as shown on the image ☟. 

Dale la vuelta, y dobla cada lado hacia atrás con forma de cono como se puede ver en la foto ☟. 

Turn it upside down again, and you will get something like this ☟ 
Dale la vuelta otra vez, y te habrá quedado algo como esto ☟

Fold up the corners and hide each one behind the following above. 

Dobla las esquinas hacia arriba y esconde cada punta debajo de la siguiente de arriba. 

Voilà!! You can place them standing up on the table! 

¡¡Tachaaaaán!! A diferencia de las de tela, las puedes colocar de pie!

This is how my table looked for a friend's Christmas lunch! What do you think? Do you like the result? Will you give it a try?  

¡Y así es como me quedó la mesa para una comida de navidad con amigos! ¿Qué te parece? ¿te ha gustado? ¿Lo vas a intentar esta Navidad? 

xx Maria. 

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10 December 2015

DIY Christmas ornaments

This month I have been doing lots of DIY projects for my new Christmas tree. As I love sewing, I have been mostly making hand sewn felt ornaments. I made 8 combined stars using 3 colours of felt, 2 colours of wool yarn and a star cookie cutter. 

In addition, I have decorated some candles with random stuff I had around at home: red wool yarn, rustic string, cardboard labels, letter stamps... It's was so easy to get this Christmas environment!! 

You can see more ideas on my Instagram: @EtralaLondon  

Love xx 

8 December 2015

Christmas Special Discount

We are happy to announce that we are offering a Christmas special 15% discount on orders placed before Sunday 13th December 2015. Enter Promo Code "Christmas" at Check out. 
From Monday 14th December, orders will be delivered after Christmas Holidays. 

Made in London from 100% Natural Fabrics 

1 October 2015

My Fashion Illustrations

Fashion Illustrations by María Rodríguez Liñán
Creative Director
Etrala London ® 2011
All rights reserved

4 September 2015

CACTUS by Etrala London


Etrala London has recently launched it latest collection "CACTUS".  As usual, this collection has been handmade in London by the most experienced seamstresses, using highest quality natural fabrics, such as pure silk, authentic leather and suede, as well as British wool and cashmere. 
Every single piece is made to order within 15 days. 
Don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help. 

Photography: Kunydiamond Studio
Model: Marta Ramirez
Hair and Make Up: Silvia Romero
Collection & Collages: Etrala London

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